We're serving the people of Thailand this summer

This summer, the Shawnee, KS and Asheville, NC eyeglass mission "dream team" is headed to three villages in Thailand June 22-July 4. We'll be sharing the truth of Jesus' Gospel with hundreds of Thai through the power of prayer, singing, and an eyeglass clinic where each will go home with distance and reading glasses.

Most importantly, they'll go home knowing the glasses were brought to them through God's grace and His love for them as individuals.

This is the third trip by the same core team from Kansas and North Carolina. Below are photos from last year's Shawnee team (top) and the Asheville delegation (bottom).

Thank you for your support to help get this team across the ocean and 12 hours timezone difference to share God's love in an unfamiliar territory with new sights, sounds, smells, and language.

This blog will bring you along with us each day as we share experiences of the travels and "God moments." Please subscribe for daily updates!

Asheville holds Thailand mission fundraiser

Beth and Adam from the Asheville, NC crew held a "Breakfast for Dinner" fundraiser at Fellowship Asheville. Members of the Asheville community came out to support the mission work in Thailand in a big way.

Thank you to all the donors of raffle prizes and friends who came to cook, serve, and clean up!

Shawnee Fundraisers

In May, the Shawnee crew sold 48 3-pound chicken dinners with potato salad and baked beans.

And in January, when the cold weather was in full force with snow on the ground, the Shawnee group held a soup sale. We made potato soup, chili, and the Millers made and donated chicken soup. Orders were placed in advance and on Sunday after each service people pick up orders.

Both fundraisers were quite successful and we appreciate everyone that is supporting this mission.